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Special Offer Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of our offer are below:

1. First lesson free is a duration of 1 hour. The 1st hour must be part of a 1.5 hour lesson. The final half hour will be at a discount £10. This offer is only available to pupils who have not undertaken any previous driving lessons.

2. The Theory Test will only be booked on completion of 10 hours of lessons.

3. The Theroy Test booking is for the 1st attempt only. Any extra attempts must be paid for by you the pupil.

4. The offers including the Theroy Test are introductory offers only and cannot be booked once lessons have commenced. If after this time you want to make a block booking of lessons there is a standard fees for 10 hours.

5. Refer a friend – When your friend had had 5 hours of lessons you will receive a 1 hour lesson. This hour is to be taken as part of a 2 hour lesson, or you will receive £20 cash.

6. Special offers are subject to change.